Monday, October 18, 2004
Final Countdown

I'm into the final countdown on this marathon thing. In 14 days, I will have run 26.2 miles which seems like an awfully long way. This weekend, Stephanie and I ran 15 miles in the rain. Julie and Zubin joined us for the first 5 miles which was nice. Running in the rain can be fun but I think I prefer running in the rain for much shorter distances. It was a good run and I'm happy that Stephanie encouraged me to go even when I would have rather stayed in bed.

Next weekend, 10 miles and then marathon preparation. Eeek! Actually I'm not feeling nervous at all and I'm looking forward to accomplishing this task.

Other than my run, I didn't accomplish much this weekend due to my purchase of The Sims computer game. What a fun game! What a time sucker!

This means there was little knitting done since my free time was spent with the Sims. I did however clean the house, get a birthday present, visit the Ballard market and have lunch with my Grandfather along with a trip to Costco. Hmmmm I guess I did get some stuff done, just not any knitting.

Well tonight is Purlygirls and I can get some knitting done there even though I'll only be able to stop by for an hour.
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