Monday, October 11, 2004
Knitting Runner

On Friday night, I trecked on down to the White River Amphitheatre to see Sting and Annie Lennox in concert. The actual concert was great but the drive down and back were just atrocious. Seriously bad, bad enough that I don't think I'll be attending another concert at this venue no matter how great the performer is.

Saturday went much more smoothly. Stephanie and I started our 20 mile run around 11 a.m. (due to our late night at the Sting concert, we opted to allow ourselves some sleeping in time.) I contacted Mot with final instuctions on where to drop Zubin the dog off so he could run the last bit with us and we were off. It was a bit windy and sprinkly but we were not deterred. We were running 20 miles and we were going to enjoy ourselves. And we did. Around mile 13, Merc drove by and dropped off Gatorade and GUMMY BEARS! This is where I discovered that Gummy Bears are a miracle food! Seriously! They curbed the craving in my stomach and gave me the power to finish the last 7 miles.

Between mile 13 and 14, Mot met up with us with more Gatorade and Zubin. He was so excited and off we went running. Mot left to get back to her nursing studies. She's a great studier and had a lot of reading to get done. The last 6 miles were a blur. They felt good and I actually didn't feel like I was going to die when we finished. I felt like I could have gone further but I had decided not to that day. Of course, all this running did wear me out so I ended up watching tv and knitting the rest of the day. Stephanie came over later with a movie and we teased Zubin by eating Kettle Corn in front of him.

I finished Jen's scarf on Sunday and Zubin was polite enough to model it for me.

Here it is sans Zubin. I hope Jen likes it!

And I worked on Lara some more.

Progress has slowed a bit since it's just basic knitting for 30 more rows....zzzzzzzz. Then the fun begins again!

I missed out on the Gay People and Straight People Who Don't Want to Stone Them knitting get-together on Sunday due to a lack of energy. Seriously I couldn't get my butt off the couch so I had a Rebecca and Zubin knit-in.

Whew! This week at work looks to be busy! Give me strength!
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