Friday, October 22, 2004
On the taper

Tomorrow I do my last long run before the marathon and it will only be 10 miles which frankly doesn't seem so long to me now. You know you've been running too far and too much when 10 miles doesn't seem long!

I realized last night that this weekend I'll need to do some serious pre-trip planning. I need to contact Liz so she knows when I'll be showing up at her house and to get directions so I know how to get to her house. (Oh I'm super excited that I land in Baltimore at 4:30 p.m. which means I'll get the grand privilege of driving in Washington DC rush hour traffic.) I also need to get my MP3 player ready for the marathon and email another friend to see where she wants to meet-up after the race.

This next week is all about tapering and eating right. I need to get my body rested and well-fed for this venture. Right after that race, I'm having beer! I'm celebrating Merc-style and visiting the Brickhouse Brewery after the marathon. Stephanie knows and is prepared.

No pictures today since I'm working on a secret project. I did get quite a bit done on it last night though. I hope to spend some time working on Lara this weekend.
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