Monday, October 18, 2004
Lost Posts and other such nonsense

I had a whole post. It talked about how I didn't get anything done this weekend but then I realized I had. I also talked about running 15 miles in the rain and how I didn't think I enjoyed running in the rain for that long of a time. I do like it for shorter runs but when my toes start to get pruny, it's too long.

Destiny didn't like the rain this weekend either since it cut into her outside time. I think she personally blamed me for the weather!

I didn't knit this weekend because I purchased The Sims. I also had lunch with my Grandpa, visited Costco with him, cleaned the house and went to the Ballard Market all before celebrating my Sister-in-Law's birthday (which is Wednesday) at her grandparent's house. Unfortunately I don't have photos because I left my camera at home. Should have planned ahead.

I will be working on Lara tonight though at the Purlygirls before dropping my car off at the car dealer so I can have Lo-Jack installed.

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