Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I have a strong ability to avoid what I don’t want to do and last night it appeared that I did want to seam my Manos sweater. Oh I did one sleeve but after that, I lost my will to seam and started knitting a new project. Yep, one that isn’t even listed on the sidebar BUT I have a good reason for that. I’m keeping this one a secret!

So back to the sweater, in order to distract you from that fact that I am very close to having an FO I will be showing you the sweater blocking!

There! Are you distracted?

Last night, I had to miss Purly Girls due to my Spanish class. It was OK though because I really like my Spanish class. Once class was done, I made myself go swimming and I am very glad that I did. I worked very hard on my stroke technique and was having a great swim when rudeness struck. **RANT** I have a HUGE pet peeve about people taking my stuff at swim practice. Before I start swimming, I get my floaty (for working on arm strength) and my kickboard out. I place both of them at the end of the pool for MY use. Well I’ve noticed that some swimmers think that I have left these items at the end of the pool for their use. This is not so! Now the floaty does belong to me and so far, no one has tried to use that because if they did, I would FREAK out! I bought my own because you place it in between your knees and I don’t want my floaty between anyone else’s knees. Blah! But the kickboard belongs to the pool and so it is not labeled with my name like my floaty. I guess this provides the signal to people that they can use the board even if my flip-flops and floaty are ON TOP of the kickboard (I make a neat little pile at the end of the lane so people can put their neat little piles next to mine and we can share the space). So anyway the point of this rant is that I had one lap yet and I like to end my swims with a lap on the kickboard. I get to the end of the lane and grab my floaty to get the kickboard when I discover the kickboard is being GONE! I was so mad. I did some deep breathing and told myself that rude people get the bad karma they deserve and that I would not be a rude person. I then swam my last lap very quickly and passed the kickboard stealer! I did say out loud as I was gathering my things that it was so distressing that my kickboard was missing. The culprit looked a bit nervous since she knew she had done me wrong. **RANT OVER**

So then after swimming, I headed home and knit along on my secret project. It is coming out rather well though I do have some questions about the pattern. I then headed to bed much too late. This daylight savings time thing has messed me up! I keep thinking it is earlier than it is which is making me sleepy. Whew!
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