Monday, April 11, 2005
Weekend Recap

Ever have one of those weekends where you do stuff but basically you are just bored! BORED! That was this weekend for me but boy did I do stuff!

On Friday, I received my very own copy of the Harlot's book! On Saturday, I kept alternating between seaming up my sweater and reading this hysterical book!

Saturday was my last day with Roux and so he kept me company while I attempted to seam up my Manos Sweater. It is currently in timeout! I'm trying to figure out how to attach the hood!

Roux and I had a fun time though, we went on a run with Julie and her dog, Zubin. Roux was so happy and kept doing a pony leap run like he wanted to go faster and faster. Sadly for him, I do not go faster and faster! Actually I think it was better, one needs to ease into running!

Saturday night I got to visit a friend's house and somehow I made it there with no directions and only my wits for guidence! She made a Thai curry with yummy brown rice. And she showed us her photos from Thailand which were wonderful.

Sunday, I spent most of the day doing my espanol homework and reading. Before the last bit of light left, I went on a run with Mot which was really nice. It felt good to stretch my legs. When we were about a block from her place, we noticed a car had driven over someone's lawn and barely nicked their house! There were cops all around and a tow truck pulling the car out. Made me wish I had my camera with me for a photo! Poor people!

Then today I found out that Jack (one of the Yip Yips I watch) was attacked by a 100lb. Husky! It was touch and go for awhile but Jack's Dad said he is doing much better. My poor baby!

Tomorrow, revelation re: the secret project! It is so cute!
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