Thursday, April 07, 2005
Super Roux

Roux's Mum is out this weekend at a conference and so I get to spend time with ROUX! We've already had a good time. There was an ear flopping walk around the neighborhood with cat spotting, other dog sniffing and the bestest sniffing ever of a fire hydrant.

Then we headed in where I watched "Lost" and cried and cried. THAT was an episode! Lost sucks me in and leaves me with so much emotion, be it shock, fear or sadness. Favorite Line: "I've never been good at letting go." I can relate to that! Mot received her life's message in a fortune cookie, while I received mine from a television show. The world gives us direction in the way we'll best understand.

On Monday when I wrote, I promised to talk about Mot and I's trip to Uwajimaya and I neglected to write about it on Tuesday!

On Sunday, Mot asked me if I wanted to go to Uwajimaya with her It is like visiting a foreign place without leaving the city. I love it! Uqajimaya is located in the International District of Seattle and boy! is it international! You can hear many different languages and purchase products from around the globe though most of their goods come from Asia. One of the more interesting items I found was the Kraft Processed Cheddar Cheese Product located next to Pate from Australia!

click on photo for larger view


OK, now go check out my "Hot" entry for Photo Friday!

P.S. So Laurie had a great idea! Look for a contest tomorrow about my secret project! There will be a prize involved!
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