Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I've noticed a trend within the blog world. One where books are being written and published by the all the major big book houses. It seems nowadays where ever you turn, someone is publishing a book.

Earlier this month, The Yarn Harlot's first book was released (and it was wonderful!) and I heard that a second one is in the works.

Yesterday, Kay and Ann of Mason-Dixon Knitting announced their book deal and today, Wendy of WendyKnits revealed details about her upcoming publication. And we all know, Cari has been busy on the second draft of her novel!

And then there are others outside of the knit blog world, publishing. Stephanie of Greek Tragedy recently announced her book deal along with Suburban Bliss talking about the possibility of writing a book. It just seems that the activity of writing books are everywhere nowadays.

This trend makes me turn my eye towards book writing but I always wonder what makes others want to write, how do they decide to write, HOW do they ever find the stamina to sit and ACTUALLY write? I feel immensely more curious about the process, than the end result at times.

Have others noticed this trend? Am I behind the slope on this one? Is this the latest "MUST DO" to hit the blog world? Who do you want to write a book that hasn't?
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