Thursday, April 14, 2005
I've never been good at finishing things...

This is my current (well what I'm willing to show you!) pile of unfinished goods. I have Mr. Bunny from Last Minute Knitted Gifts who desperately needs a face lying atop the OMG I am so close to being finished Manos sweater but I've never sewn in set in sleeves before and I feel a bit out of my league but it can't possibly be that hard because tons of people do it without dying (and I think I just passed out from lack of breathing in that run-on sentence)!

Now isn't the bunny just about the cutest thing ever! OK so he is a bit creepy without a face but I'll get to that! *GOSH* THE PRESSURE!

Now the Manos sweater...WELL I did tell Meg that I was going to finish that up last night BUT then I had to work on a presentation for work. And as you know, typing and sewing don't happen together! BUT tonight! tonight! shall be the night! (errmmmm Maybe)

OK now get yourself over to Mossy Cottage Knits and wish Ms. TMK a very happy birthday!
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