Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Dulaan Knitting

This Dulaan sweater started its life as a hat. After casting on way too many stitches, the hat/sweater began to speak to me. It never wanted to just be a hat. It had higher ambitions. It wanted to be a sweater!

So we headed into intense negotiations. If it wanted to be a sweater, what kind of neckline did it want? Would a V-neck be ok? And what about the problem of not having enough yarn to make a sweater? Could the sleeves be in a different yarn? Also how long did it want to be?

Back and forth we went until finally decisions were made.

The sweater, it would accept a V-neck and it also understood the yarn limitations. It wanted pink sleeves. Could I make that happen? As for length, it wanted to be long enough to keep the kids in Mongolia warm.

So I set to knitting and knitting. Even though this is a bulky sweater, fussing had to happen along the way, making the process a little longer.

Tonight I expect to finish the second PINK sleeve and then I'll sew the sleeves on to the hat that wanted to be a sweater. How lovely...

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