Thursday, March 16, 2006
Reasons why Matya should become my personal chef

1. She's an awesome chef who takes time to prepare dinner parties with a proper menu!

2. She leaves nothing to chance and you are guaranteed a great meal from the first course.

3. She follows each course up with something even better, until you forget to take photos of the remaining courses.

4. She makes the best damn tiramisu one could ever, ever, ever have! I had seconds it was soooooo very good!

5. She takes great pleasure in feeding others.

6. Her dinner party guests leave holding their bellies and groaning in pleasure.

7. Her wine pairings are ideal for each course.

8. She's addicted to the Food Network.

9. Because I get hungry, damn it!

10. Because Jesse the dog thinks she is a great chef!

So Matya, are you up for the job? The pay is poor but the emotional rewards are endless!
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