Thursday, April 25, 2013

17 Months with Molly Pop

17 months

You are a true kid now. My baby is no more. I now have a bonafide kid! And you are a busy, busy child. 

Air #fmsphotoaday Playing in the fresh, cold air this morning.

This month has been full of fun activities, lots of swimming and stroller sitting while Momma runs. Soon I'll be done with my half marathon and your days of stroller sitting can lessen. You do love our Tuesday runs around Greenlake though so I plan to keep those up. You check out ALL THE DOGGIES and I get some good exercise in. 

A Place #fmsphotoaday At the doctor's with the whiny sick child.

This month also brought your first ear infection. I took you to the doctor because you kept grabbing your ear and saying, "owie". Your canines have also been coming in all month! They finally broke through this week. Come on teeth! Come in! 

Recently you started saying, NO! NO! NO! in response to our questions. We've been asking you silly questions just to stump you and it is hilarious even if all the NO's are not hilarious. 

Blur #fmsphotoaday Molly was a blur of energy at gymnastics today.

You started gymnastics this month and LOVE it! You were so tired after your first class that you collapsed in a little heap. This is a great way to burn off your energy! Today you were trying to find your hop and I think gymnastics is going to help you find it. 


I also documented a Day in the Life of Molly Pop this month and I'll be doing this again. What a fun way to really know what a day in your life is like!

Stroller Freedom!

We've gone on a few hikes at Carkeek Park and Discovery Park. I hope that as the weather gets more sunny and less rainy that we'll be able to do lots of hikes. You love seeing the nature and I love the walking. 

Seattle Girls hike in the rain!

You also had your very first overnight away from Daddy and me. We missed you but did enjoy having the weekend alone. You spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa B. They were quite tuckered out from the experience but have agreed to take you again in August and October so we can attend some weddings. I suspect you are going to have so much fun on these overnights! 


Your vocabulary is coming along. You are saying more and more words everyday and finally know the cat's names - Tato and B (Kato and Mel-B).  You can usually tell me what you want to eat for lunch (usually cheese) and still love, love, love the water. I'm going to get you a life vest this summer so that we can go to the beach and be safe. You are so drawn to the water that I must enforce the wearing of a life jacket. We are also signed up for swimming at the outdoor pool in Magnolia all summer. That is going to be lots of fun! 

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