Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Monogrammed Kitchen Towels

I've been using cloth towels in our kitchen for years. In fact, I think the last time I bought paper towels was for a BBQ we held outside before I was even pregnant with Molly. So what I'm saying is that we use a lot of cloth towels in our kitchen and they are starting to get grimy. They are great for cleaning up but not so nice looking when a guest asks for a dishtowel. 

This pin answered all my desires! Simple but cute towels that I could have on hand that were not grimy. And like Day of the Week underwear (I've always secretly wanted those but I think I'd wig myself out if I wore Thursday on a Monday. Too stressful!), these towels get changed out daily. 

Bar Towels

On one of my many Target trips, I picked up some cheap bar towels. These came 4 in a pack so I had an extra which I also decorated. 


Checking the pin's directions, I also gathered up some fabric scraps (3x3), Heat-n-Bond and printed out Day of the Week letters in Adobe Garamond Pro font at size 250pt.


This pin claims that in five easy steps, you'll have beautifully monogrammed towels. I can say that it was easy enough that I was able to complete this program while Molly took an epic 3.5 hour nap. However, I had some problems with the directions. That might be user error though. 


You start by adhering your fabric scraps to the heat-n-bond, following the directions on the package. 


Then you cut out your printed letters and pin them to each fabric scrap. Next you carefully cut around the letters. And the pin was right, this was the most time consuming part of the project. 


This is the step that stumped me. They say to iron each letter to the dish towels. Ummm, I did that and the letters fell right off. So I pinned them on and carefully sewed around each letter to help them stay on the towels. 

Monogrammed Towels

I am wondering how they will hold up to the abuse of use and washing. I'll try to remember to report back. However, these are super cute towels! I think if I could figure out how to make the fourth step work, I'd make these up as gift sets. They'd make amazing housewarming or hostess presents. 

Finished Towels
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