Monday, April 01, 2013

Thoughts on Whole30

I'm in the hump. I'm trudging through the Whole30 diet right now and slogging along. I'm tired of the limitations. I'm tired of cooking all the time but I'm loving how good I feel. According to the Whole30 Timeline, I'm right on track. So instead of eating SUGAR!, I thought I'd talk about my thoughts around Whole30.

Huge! Post 11 mile #whole30 brunch! Yum!

I'm eating A LOT of veggies and I'm loving it but I am not loving the limitations to eating out. On the weekends, Scott and I like to eat out with Molly. It's a time we can gather together and enjoy some good food while taking time off from everyday which for me means cooking. I cook three meals a day. It's a lot of cooking. I run the dishwasher every single night because it is jammed packed from all the cooking I do everyday so once or twice a week, I like to take a break and let someone else do the heavy lifting.


I'm amazed at how my fridge goes from SUPER FULL to SUPER EMPTY in just one week. I had a packed, couldn't fit everything in the fridge last Monday and today, it's bare. It was stuffed with veggies and now it is empty. I love that I didn't throw away any food. We ate it all. As soon as Molly wakes up from her nap, we'll be heading out to re-stock the fridge.

I have embraced the 75% of my plate should be veggies concept. I love this and they really fill you up. I've been having HUGE plates of food and I love that. But veggies take time to prep. So one thing I am doing is cooking ahead. It's really the only way to handle Whole30. One of my friends told me that in order to be successful, I could not allow myself to get HANGRY and I've been doing well at that because I've been cooking ahead.


On the good end of things, I have lost a few pounds and I feel really good eating all the veggies I've been eating. I do not miss wheat at all and I'm not missing cheese as much as I thought I would. I have had some weird carb dreams where I ate a pile of pancakes but that was just weird. So in the 18 days I have left on Whole30, I'm going to continue to embrace the veggie, cook ahead and plan for my 31st day when I am going to have a big cup of Fro-Yo!

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