Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three Years Ago...

Me and Motty, Maid of Honor

I woke up at Hotel Max with my best friend and had breakfast at Le Pichet. Then we stopped at Nordstrom for some shopping before heading to my hair dresser to get our hair done. Along the way we picked up my other BFF (who flew all the way in from England to be at my wedding!) at her hotel.


After getting our hair done, we headed to the Blue Ribbon Cooking School which was also our reception hall to have our make-up done. My SIL and Mom met us there and we enjoyed some champagne and treats while prepping for the big event.


From there we moved onto the church where we met the rest of my bridal party and got dressed for my wedding. My flower girls were hilariously cute and one of them was very interested with my cleavage once I was in my wedding gown. I must admit that there was a lot of cleavage to be intrigued by.


Scott and I had decided to do a "First Look" and photos before the ceremony so that our guests didn't have to wait between the wedding and the reception. For my wedding gift to Scott, I made him socks and worked out a trade with a graphic designer for a special label for my gift. Scott wore the socks during our wedding and it helped keep his feet warm, thereby preventing any cold feet!


We then headed to Greenlake for some photos before hurrying back to the church for the ceremony. I was so nervous and I was grateful that my Father was walking me down the aisle. I needed someone to hold on to for the long walk. I was so excited that my knees were shaking. I remember standing in the stairwell waiting for our cue to head down to the church and telling my Dad that we needed to get this show on the road. The string trio started the music up twice which made me nervous but I later found out that we had a few late arrivals so they started over once they were seated.

The Bride
Photo by Poopoorama

I wiggled through the entire ceremony and cried while Scott looked at me with tears in his eyes which made me well up! It was a wonderful ceremony watched by our family and friends. I still treasure the memories of looking out at all the people who came out to celebrate our day with us.

Bridal Couple!

Once we were officially married, we headed out to the reception hall. The food was great! The atmosphere was fun and the company was divine! We had an awesome time celebrating with all our friends.

2010.101 - A whole whack of Instax snaps

Our friends, Danny and Margaret took Polaroid photos for us all night long. We wanted some candid shots along with professional photos. Danny and Margaret love taking photos and had a great time mingling with everyone and getting photos. I think they look over 200 of them! I still have them in a box and I really mean to do something with them one day. I love sitting and looking through them and remembering the fun time we all had.


The next morning, I woke up as Mrs. Mongrain and while I may look surprised, I was thrilled. Scott and I spent a quiet day at home before heading off to Europe for our two week honeymoon. The short break between our wedding and honeymoon was very welcome. Planning a wedding is a lot of work!

No More Death Marches!

Three years ago, I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life and today, three years later, I still feel blessed. We have an awesome kid, live in a delightful place and most importantly, we have each other. Scott makes me laugh everyday and is exactly who I hoped to marry. I am really one of the luckiest people. I love you, Scott!
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