Saturday, April 27, 2013


I've been trekking away at my 8 in 2013 Goals and they are coming along swimmingly! 

As a reminder, my goals are: 
  • 2 cross stitch patterns (Woodland Sampler and Wee Little Stitches Star Wars people)
  • 2 quilts (One for Molly and finish up my Pinwheel Quilt)
  • 2 knitted projects (a Year in Temperatures scarf  and my Smitten Advent Calendar)
  • 2 photography challenges (Fat Mum Slim's January Challenge and something else that I really need to decide on)

I have been busy working on my Woodland Sampler and my Week Little Stitches Star Wars people but have recently gotten distracted by my Springtime Sampler! I'm almost done with the Star Wars people and have decided to make a quilted pillow out of the cross stitch. 


I have done nothing with my quilt goal. My basement is still in disarray which makes quilting difficult. I am however having a crafter-day with my friend today so I'm hoping to make some progress. 


My knitted projects are going very well! I knit almost everyday on the Year in Temps scarf and am working on my Smitten Advent mittens in between other knitting obsessions. 

I completed one of my photography challenges - Fat Mum Slim's January Challenge but have not yet decided what my other photo challenge will be. I have however kept up the Fat Mum Slim Photo Challenges. You can see them here:

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