Saturday, April 13, 2013


A Place #fmsphotoaday At the doctor's with the whiny sick child.

Molly is having her first overnight visit to Grandma and Grandpa's tonight. While I'm super excited to have a child-free evening, I am also in super prep mode. I have packed enough food for Molly to live at my parent's house for a week. I have enough changes of clothing that I had a hard time finding something for her to wear this morning. 

Eating Yum-Yum

I know that Molly is going to have a great time and my parents will feed her all the junk food they can find. I just want everyone to have a wonderful time so we can do this again. I am also worried that I'm going to miss her! We haven't been apart overnight ever. But it is also going to be so much fun! 

I hosted PEPS at my house tonight (I'm leading a group) and Molly rampaged after they all left.  She was super interested in all the babies.

Scott and I are planning on going out to Shanik which is a sister restaurant to Vij's up in Vancouver. We ate there once before and it was divine! I'm excited to try out this new restaurant in my backyard. We also talked about going to an actual movie in an actual theater. I'm so excited about the possibilities! THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER! 
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