Monday, April 22, 2013

Whole30 Dropout

Whose drink is which? Hint: Mine is not pink

It was the wine that did me in. I went out with some girlfriends and could not resist a glass of wine. Then, like a downward spiral, I also had dessert and it was delicious! I was honestly surprised that wine is what caused me to "cheat" on Whole30. I like wine but when I had to give up alcohol for pregnancy, I never missed it. I rarely drink now days, maybe one or two drinks a month.

Shake and cake to round out the evening!

I think it was the social act of going out with friends and knowing that I like a small treat. I like the glass of wine and the dessert you share with friends. It's a nice way to hang out with friends.


I also missed cheese. I missed it so much. I started giving Molly more cheese than necessary because I wanted her to eat what I was missing. And eating out made all of this harder, so many things have cheese! I was able to work around my restrictions most of the time but after three weeks, I was weak.


I also started to feel spacey. I became forgetful and was dropping things. My blood pressure was really low which I'm happy that my blood pressure went down because it was always borderline high when I was pregnant. I wasn't happy to be spacey, forgetful and clumsy though. I added in one piece of bread a day and I stopped feeling spacey. Maybe it was all mental but whatever it was, I needed it.

It was also difficult being the only person in my family on this program. Scott wasn't interested and Molly is too young to discuss it with me. All the cooking and prep work took a lot of time too. There are no shortcuts or pizza deliveries on Whole30. I did my best to prep ahead for the week and I think that is vital to success on this program.


It wasn't all about missing dairy and feeling spacey though. I actually felt really good while doing Whole30  I dropped a few pounds and felt strong. I enjoyed eating more vegetables. In fact, I'm still eating more vegetables with a little bit of dairy and bread. I'm re-reading It Starts with Food and I'm planning when I'll attempt my next Whole30. Have you attempted Whole30 and did you do the whole 30 days? What were your secrets to success?
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