Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Childless Weekend


This past weekend, Scott and I spent our first weekend away from Molly. She spent her weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house while we enjoyed a quiet night a home. It was awesome but we also missed having our little tornado around.


On Saturday, we woke up and I headed out to have my hair done. Scott and Molly met me for lunch and we enjoyed a fantastic meal at Mezcaleria Oaxaca. After picking up some supplies for Molly's weekend away, we headed home for nap time. I used nap time to quickly pack all the supplies that Molly would need for her overnight. Scott laughed when he saw the very full trunk of the car. I may have sent too much but I wanted to make sure that my parents had everything that they needed for the overnight. When Molly woke up, we loaded her into the car and headed to my parent's house.

Whose drink is which? Hint: Mine is not pink

After dropping her off and telling my parents way too much about Molly's needs and desires, we headed out for some cocktails. I ordered a Guiness and Bushmills without thinking it through. I'm not a big hard liquor drinker and I had just ordered a shot of whiskey! Scott laughed at my faces when I tried to gulp it down quickly but ended up sipping it. 

Molly Free Evening!!!!

We then headed over to Shanik for dinner. Shanik is a sister restaurant to Vancouver's Vij's and it was DELIGHTFUL! We had some small (free) nibbles while waiting for our table. I enjoyed the Lamp Popsicles while Scott had the Tenderloin. Everything was perfectly seasoned and the servings were just right. The nann was delicious and the rice just right. 

Shake and cake to round out the evening!

Because we were out celebrating our anniversary, we decided to round out our evening with a visit to Hot Cakes. We rarely go out in downtown Ballard on weekend nights and it was BUSY. There were tons of people out and about.  Hot Cakes especially packed but we were able to find a table where we could share our molten cake and salted caramel shake. They were delicious! 

Busy Hot Cakes

We headed home at a respectable 9 p.m. and spent the rest of the evening watching movies without interruption. The cats were so excited to have a Molly-free house. They were practically dancing with excitement when we came home. 

7 mile run #latergram

In the morning, I got up for my 7 mile training run and left Scott to sleep. He loves sleeping in but sadly never gets the opportunity to do so anymore. I've never been one to sleep in so heading out to my training run was the perfect Sunday morning activity for me. We were both happy with our Sunday mornings. 


I came home after my run and we headed out to Bastille for brunch. I love a good Bastille brunch but we haven't taken Molly since it doesn't feel like a Molly kind of restaurant. I think she'd love the food but I'd have a hard time stomaching the waste when I've spent $15 on an entree. 


After enjoying our brunch and chatting over some coffee, we headed out to explore the Ballard Sunday Market. I picked up some eggs and Scott explored a small camera shop. We took our time looking at all the stalls and really enjoying ourselves. We knew our alone time was slipping away at this point! 

Sunday Market Eggs



We then headed up to my parent's house to retrieve Molly and hear about her adventures. My parents had taken her out to dinner where she charmed all the waitstaff. She kept them up that night with a few wake-ups :( and then went to church with them in the morning. My Dad said she loved playing in the family room and made sure to connect with all the children. Molly had a very full weekend and was sound asleep before we even left my parent's neighborhood. 


We decided to let her keep sleeping in the car because transfers are iffy and she obviously needed the rest! We kept our weekend food celebration going by stopping at Molly Moon's for some ice cream. I had the seasonal flavors of Lime-Cardamon Fro-Yo and Salted Licorice  They were really good! And pro-tip, you can ask for kid size scoops so you get more flavors but not more ice cream. 


After sitting at Gasworks enjoying our ice cream and letting Molly nap, we headed home where Molly got lots of snuggles. We thought we'd rest the rest of the day inside but Molly wanted us to go outside which led to us trimming the laurel hedge which surrounds our backyard. So much for resting! 

Home again! Snuggle Time!

The weekend was a success! My Dad is already talking about the next time which I have already scheduled with him. We have two weddings to attend later this year and they lend themselves nicely to a childless weekend. Also Molly had so much fun that we can not deny her a Grandma and Grandpa weekend! 

PS I was very NOT Whole30 this weekend and while it was delicious, I am already back to eating Whole30. I just feel better when I do.  
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