Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pinterest Thursdays - Nail Art

I also admire the nails I see on Pinterest. Some people get creatively detailed with their nail art. There are some crazy ones out there but I decided to take a fairly easy one today. And it wasn't easy!

I decided to paint my toenails instead of my nails because of two factors. One problem was that I was doing my toenails during Molly's nap time which meant she could wake up at any moment. The other problem was that I also needed to tackle the HUGE pile of dishes in my kitchen and wet nails would hinder that mission.

After prepping my toes for polish, I gathered my supplies. 

Next I put on the first coat. I'm a bit messy when I paint my toes which is why I usually go to the nail salon. They are so much better at pedicures than I'll ever be. 

After letting the first coat dry for about 10 minutes, I added the sparkle coat which was really HARD! The sparkles wouldn't go in the right place and I have no idea how the pin made them all bunch at the bottom in such a pretty way.

But hey! Now I have a nice pedicure which my feet really needed. Maybe tonight after Molly has gone to bed, I'll tackle another nail pin. I think this french manicure one looks stunning!

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