Tuesday, July 30, 2013

20 months with Molly Pop

20 months

I'm a little late with this month's post but that is because we have been so busy having so much fun! We started going on weekly adventures this month along with our regular swim lessons, walks around Greenlake and Zoo visits.


You spilled the beans this month that you are getting a little sister at the end of the year. All weekend when we asked you where your little sister lived, you'd point to your belly and say, "Siiiiisssssster!" It's adorable and hilarious! We keep telling you that she is in my belly but that seems to be a big concept for you right now.


We had a horrific week of sleep this month too. It left us all feeling a bit like zombies but we got through it and we're back to our usual patterns for which we are all thankful! We're hoping that you were busy processing or learning something during the sleep disruption or maybe you are just having bad dreams.

Someone asked to color!

Your vocabulary is exploding which is so much fun! I really enjoy communicating with you. You ask a lot of questions which I always try to answer. You are so very curious about everything and so very much like your Momma.


You had a friend visit this month and you are in love with her! We've face-timed a few times since she left and the two of you just sit and stare at each other. At least I get to catch up with her Mom!

7:40 am Molly gets a time-out after getting on the table. She thinks they are funny. *sigh* #adayinthelifechallenge

You've really started coloring and asking to color a lot this month. I'm working to put together a fun art station down in our basement for you but it's not quite done yet. I think you are going to be so excited when you have a place to color and paint! Maybe you'll be an artist like your Dad or a social communicator at your Mom or maybe you'll surprise us and be something totally different!


We went to a BBQ this weekend and all of Momma's high school friends laughed and said she had created a Mini-Me. It is true. You are so very much my child. You have no fear and are so social. We do need to work a little harder at being gentle and kind to other people. Not everyone responds well to our blunt personalities and some need a gentler touch.

Watching Baxter and Barkley (the pigs)

We do love your zest for life! You are a fun little girl who brings joy everywhere she goes. The people around Greenlake especially agree since you love waving at them and shouting, "HI!" as we pass people. It's so much fun! We love you, Molly Pop! Keep rocking!
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