Monday, July 08, 2013

Shhhhh....Molly has a secret!


Molly has a secret and she is bursting to share it with you! 

Big Sister

She's going to be a BIG SISTER in January. I'm just over 14 weeks along with another little girl. Scott and I are over the moon about having another little girl to add to our family. Molly is very excited about a baby and kisses my belly throughout the day while yelling, BABY! It's adorable. 

Big Sister2

The future is now! I was offered the MaterniT21 test by my doctor and it is "WHOA! FUTURE!". It is a very non-invasive blood test where my blood is drawn and then the baby's DNA is extracted to test for chromosomal issues. Additionally if you do want to find out the sex at this point, they can tell you that too. My genetic counselor did say that they would confirm the sex at the Anatomy Scan when I'm about 20 weeks along. Here's hoping that you won't see a post saying, "OOPS! Looks like there is a boy in there."


Being pregnant a second time is totally different than the first. I'm way more laid back this time. I didn't even see the doctor until I was 10 weeks along. I called them when I first found out since I was running the Vancouver Half Marathon a few weeks later to get the OK. Other than my nurse telling me that I was crazy to run a half marathon, pregnant or not, she told me that I could come in at 10 weeks for my first check-up and that I didn't need to come in to confirm the pregnancy. I was OK with that because honestly, I had already pee'd on 4 tests and they were all positive. Also I felt pregnant., I feel pregnant. So far (knock on wood), I'm not as nauseous as I was with Molly nor as tired. My time may come soon enough though. 

Golden Gardens Low Tide

We've named this baby, Chicken Nugget. As usual, we have a funny reason why. As we were driving up to Vancouver, I was going on about running a race while pregnant, blah, blah, blah and Scott said, "Dude! It's not even the size of a chicken nugget yet. Don't worry, your doctor said it was OK and you've been training." I laughed and said, "Well the baby shall now be named, Chicken Nugget" 

Outdoor swimming time! Last day for my swim cap though. I can see it starting to tear :(

I've curtailed my running since the race as I really like my pelvic floor and would like to keep it as much as possible. Running while pregnant has so many risks that I am not willing to take. I have been busy swimming, Barre3'ing, walking and hiking. I plan to remain as active as possible throughout this pregnancy. It strangely enough helps keep the nausea down and the energy level up. I'm sure that I'll be modifying my activity as my belly grows though. 

Red, white or red #fmsphotoaday Rose Destruction! Some sweet lady gave Molly a rose. 5 seconds later she destroyed it.

So got any tips on bringing home a new baby when you already have one kiddo at home? Anything we should do now to prepare Molly for her new sister? She comes to all my doctor appointments and even got to attend the ultrasound. She thought the pictures were hilarious! The tech was so awesome with her which made things even easier. 
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