Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 15 weeks

15 Weeks with Chicken Nugget

When I got pregnant with Molly, I thought about doing a weekly photo shoot to show the changes in my body. Then I got self conscious because honestly, I am soft and squishy. I have nice padding on my belly for a child to rest their head which is nice for a child but poor at showing pregnancy changes. 

This time however, I've decided to document it anyway. Sure, I'll never have the cute basketball bump that some women get but I do get a bigger belly. Heck it is already bigger! I moved into maternity pants way sooner this time around. My regular pants got uncomfortable very quickly! 

My week changes on Thursdays which is funny because it changed on Thursdays with Molly who also happened to be born on a Thursday. I think we like Thursday around here. I'm going to post my weekly photos on Saturdays since I have some graphic work to do once I take the photo. I can't wait to see the whole set ending with an outside Chicken Nugget! 
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