Monday, July 29, 2013

Adventures with Molly - Blueberry Picking at Mercer Slough

Bountiful Blueberries

For this week's adventure, I decided to take Molly blueberry picking! There is a wonderful blueberry farm about 30 minutes away in Bellevue. I emailed a bunch of friends and we all gathered for some hard-core fruit picking.

Bagel Girl

Before we started on our adventure though, I took Molly to Eltana Bagels for breakfast. They have this great deal where you can get a third half for a $1 in addition to your regular bagel order. It's perfect for Molly! We enjoyed our bagels and then headed across the water for berry picking.

Berry Bucket

We arrived right as the Mercer Slough Blueberry Farm was opening which I'd highly recommend. When we left a few hours later, there was no parking and the sun was really starting to beat down. The farm provides buckets for picking, you just need to leave your photo id. They even have kid buckets!

Berry Fields

We headed out to the fields and started picking. All of the kids started eating blueberries directly off the trees. We tried to show them which ones to eat but I'm pretty sure they ate a lot of the green ones too. The funniest part was watching the kids figure out that eating berries out of the buckets was faster than off the trees. One by one, they learned that the buckets were filling with berries and would try to grab berries as quickly as they could.

Eating off the trees!

The farm provides these HUGE buckets and I had dreams of filling it to overflowing. Sadly blueberry picking is not a quick process. After an hour of picking and chasing Molly, the bottom of my bucket was barely covered.

Big Bucket

The kids started to lose their patience with the Mommas after about an hour and a half so we headed back in to pay for our loot. I was pleased to see that they had more blueberries for sale. I teased my friends and said I was going to lie on the blog and tell everyone that I had picked ALL of the blueberries I was buying but not to give me away. But hey, I decided to be truthful! I did end up picking about a pound and a half of blueberries (about 4 cups) which was great! I bought 4 more pints and on Friday will share what I made with all my berries.


I'd highly recommend heading out to the Mercer Slough Blueberry Farm if you live in the Seattle area. It's a beautiful farm and the berries are cheap! Only $1.50 a pound! I'm planning on going back soon with a girlfriend to pick more berries. This time though we are leaving our children behind so we can actually pick some berries.
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