Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Knitted Washcloths

I've been busy sorting out my yarn stash. I'm being ruthless, if I don't love it, into the sell/donate bin it goes! Along the way, I've rediscovered some yarns that I absolutely love. I found five skeins of Malabrigo Organic Cotton that I had originally purchased to make washcloths for myself. It sounds very grandma-ish but I love the feel of hand-knit washcloths on my skin.


I had recently pinned this pin with a how-to on knitting waffle knit dishcloths so I decided to cast on. I knit on these all weekend and before I knew it, I had three lovely new washcloths.


I did adjust the pattern a little bit though. It says to repeat the waffle knit pattern six time but I really like square washcloths so I did 10 repeats. This created a perfect square and is just the right size to wash my face with.


If you have someone who appreciates a nice hand knit washcloth, these would also make easy and nice gifts!


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