Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Exercising while Pregnant


I stopped running when I got pregnant (well, I did a half marathon and a 5K first but then I stopped!). I wanted to be a pregnant runner when I got pregnant with Molly but I was so tired and nauseous that there was no way that I could run. This time, I decided not to be a pregnant runner after listening to a lot of my friend's experiences with running while pregnant. So many of them have hip and pelvic floor issues as a result of running while pregnant that they convinced me that it wasn't worth taking the chance. My doctor did give me the OK to run until about 22 weeks but I told her that I like my pelvic floor and I wasn't going to do things to it that I wasn't sure were healthy for it. 

Pre-Race Prep Shot! So many nerves!

Outdoor swimming time! Last day for my swim cap though. I can see it starting to tear :(

Not running means that I've had to find other ways to get exercise while pregnant though. I had gestational diabetes with Molly and I'd really like to skip it this time around (I have a high chance of getting it again though). One way to help prevent gestational diabetes is with regular exercise (another way is through diet which I've also been focusing on). I've been doing my best to some sort of exercise in at least 4-5 times a week. 


The week after my 5K, I did feel a bit lost with exercise. I wasn't sure what to do! My original summer exercise goal had been to work on my short running distance speed. I was going to run a 5K every month with the hopes of improving my time with each one.
How I Relax - I exercise to relax and it feels so good! #fmsphotoaday

I quickly decided that I would just try to exercise everyday and so I've been doing just that. I don't end up exercising every single day but Molly and I go around Greenlake, walk in our neighborhood, take a ton of hikes, I swim laps and for awhile we attended Barre3 classes. 

9:10 am Ready to Hike! #adayinthelifechallenge #adayinthelifephotochallenge

As the weather cools and heads into the rainy season, I plan to take my exercise indoors. We have our elliptical set up in the basement again and I'm thinking of hitting up stroller strides along with seeing what kind of classes are offered at the gym. What kind of exercise are you doing right now? Do you have any limitations on your fitness and how are you working with them?

**Check out The Oatmeal's post on running. It's spot on and hilarious! I can also vouch that he runs a lot. We used to have a condo right next to his townhouse and I'd often see him heading out on runs.**
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