Monday, July 15, 2013

Toddler Love

We had some friends in from California this weekend. They were on their way to NYC but had a 24 hour layover here in town. We were excited to host them as our first guests in our nearly finished basement (!) and to meet their daughter who is a few weeks older than Molly. 


I told Molly about their visit and their kid. I quietly hoped that they would love each other and my wishes were granted! Both girls fell asleep last night saying each others names and this morning woke up and started shouting for the other. They hugged, kissed and danced with each other. It was such a heartwarming sight. 


But let's back up in this story a bit. Years and years ago before we meet our husbands, my friend and I met at swim lessons through  mutual friends. We were training for the Danskin Triathlon and needed to brush up on our water skills. We quickly became friends and I ended up dog sitting for her a lot. Then life happened, we each got married, she started graduate school and we didn't talk for about 6 months. One day when I was just barely pregnant with Molly, another friend and I met to take a walk around Greenlake. We ran into my friend and her husband. We got to talking and found out that all three of us were pregnant! We had a fun summer of walks at Greenlake and chats about future babies. But then my friend and her husband decided to move to California before she had her daughter. We've kept up with emails, texts and phone calls but it was so awesome to finally meet their kid. She is super adorable and full of personality. 


This morning we took the girls on a hike to Discovery Park with the hopes it would wear each of them out. My friends have a long flight ahead of them to NYC and a tired, sleeping toddler would be a fantastic seat companion. Because we all have hopes and dreams that shouldn't be crushed! Molly asked to go nigh-nigh once they left so I know my half of the team is tired! I just hope their kid is tired enough to sleep with all the airplane excitement. 


After the hike, they packed up and headed back to the airport after their fun and way too short trip. Molly stood at the window waving bye, bye long after they had driven off. I sense we'll be face-timing with them a lot in the near future. 

Here's hoping we can see them soon. I had originally hoped to take a trip with just Molly down to California this summer but now that I'm pregnant, I'm not feeling too excited about flying somewhere with just Molly. We'll make something work though. These kids need to see each other to keep the love alive!
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