Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Summer Wishes

Molly and Scott
Photo by Danny Ngan

Over the long weekend, Scott and I got to talking about our Summer wishes. He wants to take more hikes and I want to explore more city parks. Seattle has some awesome parks right in the city which offer extensive walking trials so both of our desires can be achieved!

Do not go past the log divide! #latergram #unknownpeople

We decided that we'd go on weekly hikes as long as the weather agrees. I'll admit that we are fair weather hikers. We're not really the type for rainy hikes. A drizzle won't stop us but a downpour will do us in. We're just not that hardcore! 

Coconut-Lime Sorbet

After our chat, I got to thinking about my Summer wishes and goals. 

  • Swim laps twice a week
  • Take Molly on one new adventure every week.
  • Finish my household project list by the end of September.
  • Weekly Family Hikes
  • Catch up on my Cross Stitch projects
What are your Summer wishes? What do you want to do this Summer before it slips away into Fall? 
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