Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Backyard Summer Fun

Now that the sun is finally here, we are spending a lot of time in our backyard. I'm able to sit under the table umbrella while Molly runs her little self ragged. Keeping up with Molly takes a lot of energy so I enjoy moments when I can watch her play and recharge a bit myself. 

Happiness is...#fmsphotoaday a stop at the wading pool while strolling Greenlake.

We have special toys that are allocated just for the outside. I do this so that our more delicate inside toys are not dragged outside and destroyed and nor are our rugged and dirty outside toys brought inside to leave trails of dirt around my already un-tidy house. 

Bubbles #vscocam

The mainstay of our backyard fun is a toddler pool. Last year we had a Crab pool but I can't currently find it in the mess of our basement (that project is nearing completion and I can not wait to tell you all about it) so I bought a new rainbow pool. I figure when I find the other pool, we'll have dueling pools for summer fun! 

Transport #fmsphotoaday Molly riding in her favorite car!

Molly also has a fun car that I found at the thrift store for $15! It's provided us with hours of fun. It also works as a containment center when outside since she can't get out of it without some help. 

Beach Day

I picked up a cheap shovel and bucket set at Target for the beach but I've since had to replace it with a sturdier shovel and bucket set from Melissa & Doug. Molly also uses this in the backyard to pour water in and out of the pool. 

I picked up a hula-hoop for Molly because she loved them so much in gymnastics class. I roll it across the grass and Molly runs after it. Sometimes I attempt to hula-hoop myself but that is an exhausting and hilarious scene. I also picked up a few balls since Molly loves them. We have one in the car for park visits and two at the house. 

I decided against a water table for now since we already have the kiddie pool but I am looking into either buying a sandbox or building one for Molly. I'll need to make sure it has a lid through since the neighborhood cats love hanging out in our backyard and I sense that they will see a sandbox as a giant kitty box. 

What kind of backyard toys do you have? What is your kid's favorite outdoor toy? 
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