Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Favorites

This Sunday is special as we have guests arriving from California to use our newly re-done basement! I'm super excited to see my friends as I have yet to meet their daughter who is a few weeks older than Molly. Let's hope Molly and my friend's kid like each other as much as I like this week's Flickr Favorites!

1. Earlier this morning. Downtown for work., 2. Untitled, 3. Sitting in traffic, almost home. Looking forward to my bed., 4. Day 2350, 5. Cream Scone and Gooseberry Jam, 6. Annestown Beach 2, 7. Green Trail, Glendalough, 8. Upper Lake, Glendalough, 9. Pints at the Guiness Storehouse, 10. Tree Mural, 11. Nose in the Guidebook, 12. London Outdoors, 13. 140 Puffy Hexagons, 14. chambray, 15. "C" is for "Cyclops". I still need to add his laser across his visor but I'm too lazy to get my sharper needle right now. #weelittlestitches #crossstitch #superheroes, 16. Never too many rainbows., 17. Waterfall paradise at the end of the world., 18. Getting the food packed up for our big road trip. Lot of snacks and easy prep foods., 19. 26 :: 52, 20. Untitled, 21. A is for Aquaman. #weelittlestitches #crossstitch #superheroes, 22. "B" is for Batman. #weelittlestitches #superheroes #superherosampler #crossstitch, 23. YOU GUYS this is turning out so g-d cute. #creweltobekind, 24. I see you!, 25. Molly and Scott
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