Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Creative Goddess Restoration Periods, Being Strong and Working Your Butt Off Make Up This Week's Links Around the Web

Fields of Gold

Buying Organic 101 Great information from Weelicious!

Creative Goddess Restoration Period I love this. This is a great thing! 

Box Top Hate! I can already see myself as this Mom. "No! I'm not going to buy you some process crap because your school needs box tops. Here's $5. Leave me alone."

Please don't tell me I'm strong I have this friend who says the right thing at the right time. I'll text her and say, "OMG! LIFE IS TERRIBLE!" and she'll reply, "I do not envy your life right now." I need that honesty. I don't need to hear that it will get better. Sometimes I just need to hear that it does indeed suck because some days it does indeed suck. 

I worked my ass off "I could say: “Follow your heart,” but I never did that. I worked my ass off instead." If only more people were honest about the hard work that gets them to their successful point. This is an honest and awesome article about the woman behind some of the best tasting ice cream out there. 

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