Friday, April 03, 2015

Easter Egg Dyeing


Every year, I set up the table, boil some eggs and get out the dyes. Then I round up the children and we start dyeing eggs. This was the first year that Maggie was really involved and she loved it. Maggie wanted to dip her egg into the dye, take it out, lick it and then put it back into the dye forever. She wasn't pleased when I put a stop to that. Molly was definitely more involved this year and wanted to really decorate her eggs. Unfortunately patience isn't her strong suit so her eggs came out a bit lighter than she anticipated.

I love our little Easter Egg dyeing tradition and one year I hope to dye eggs with the girls using natural food dyes. I did a story for Seattle Refined on natural food dyes this week and had a lot of fun making the dyes. It's a process that takes some patience but the colors are so beautiful. Molly did help me a bit with the natural Easter egg dyeing but did not like how long the eggs needed to soak.

Here are some photos from our afternoon of egg dyeing:


Egg eat

Egg dyer



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