Saturday, April 11, 2015

April's 10 in 10

Last month I participated in a "10 on 10" (ten photos taken throughout the day on the 10th of the month) and I loved it! I joined a group of other bloggers to keep the spirit alive. I love this very concise "A Day in the Life".  

Just a reminder! Today is a FULL Day in the Life Photo Challenge so I hope you are out there photographing everything! 

Here are my ten photos for April 10th:

Maggie insisted on a granola bar for breakfast this morning. I couldn't say no to this little imp! 

My day started bright with coffee in my favorite owl mug! 

Molly had gymnastics today with her BFF!

Molly doing some gymnastics moves

After gymnastics, Molly and I made glitter jars while Maggie took a nap.

After lunch, Molly took a few spins around the house on her balance bike (as you do!)

Me, before we headed to take my Mom to the doctor.

The doctor was an hour and a half behind schedule which meant the kids were insane and ate every single snack I had packed in my bag. 

It was a shitty afternoon so I broke #whole30 and had a margarita and chips. I regret nothing! #widn tagging @kelseym
After a very shitty afternoon (I won't go into details but know it was terrible), I broke Whole30 and had a margarita with chips and guac. I REGRET NOTHING!
Scott's cousin stayed the night with us (she had an awesome interview opportunity in town) and left after dinner. Molly waved wildly from the window and said she already misses her Katie. 

Please follow the circle and check out Oaktree Shutterbug's 10 on 10 images. You'll love her images showcasing her day.  
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