Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Earth Day Goals!

One of my goals this year is to "Become more thoughtful about how I consume products and produce waste. I want to compost more, recycle more and produce less trash." With Earth Day happening tomorrow, I've been thinking about this goal a bit more.

We have been doing awesome on the composting front. 95% of our leftover food waste (potato peels, the kid's uneaten food, etc) is composted nightly. I'm still trying to find the best kitchen compost container for us but right now we've been using a plastic bucket. It works ok but I know that with the weather warming up, we need to come up with a covered solution.

Recycling is also pretty awesome around here. Even Molly knows to check the container before tossing anything into the trash as most of our trash items can actually be recycled.

As for producing less trash, I feel like we have a lot of room for improvement. We recently switched from cloth diapers for Maggie to disposables and that has increased our trash output. I was not keeping up with the laundry and the diapers were the tipping point. I may still go back to cloth but for right now, disposables are where we are at.

I did find this interesting infographic on ways to help the Earth on Earth Day and I'm going to work to adopt more of these ways. We do already bring our own bags into the story (you have to pay for bags here so that's a great incentive to bring your own bags) and most of our bills come electronically. I could however bring my own cup when I get coffee (which is rarely) and while I use environmental cleaners, I could make more of my own (Pinterest has a ton of ideas!) What are you doing for Mother Earth as Earth Day comes around?

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