Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Uncommon Gifts for Uncommon Mothers


Last night, I panicked. Mother's Day is almost here and I am not ready. I haven't even started to think about gifts for my Mom, my Mother-in-Law, Scott's Grandmother, my Grandmother or my Sister-in-Law. I have a lot of special Moms in my life and I want to honor them on this special day for all the hard work they do as Moms. I have spent some time dreaming about what I want for Mother's Day but that's about it, just some dreams about having time in the garden, a hot cup of coffee in bed, some jewelry and maybe even a barre3 class. 

Day 145 (145/366): Happy Mom-a-Sun Day!

Until I became a Mom, I never quite knew all the hard work that my Mom put into being the best Mom she could be. Moms are a vault of information; they know their children's clothing sizes, their favorite foods, who broke their heart in the 9th grade, how they got that scar above their left eye or what soothes them when they wake up scared at 2 a.m. Moms are the cornerstone of the family. There are no gifts that can adequately thank a Mom for everything she does but I do know that UncommonGoods has some gifts that come close. 

A few Uncommon Gifts for Uncommon Mothers (right to left)
Bread & Butter(fly) Serving Board, Upcycled Sari Lounge Robe, Tiny Seeds Necklace
Birdie Yarn Bowl Knitting Kit, Literary Scarves, Anatomical Heart Pendant
Bluetooth Tracking TagSucculent Living Wall Planter Kit, Region Dish Towels
After panicking, I spent some serious time checking out the unique and handcrafted gifts that UncommonGoods has to offer from the Hand Embroidered State Pillows which might be perfect for my Mother-in-Law to the Elephant and her Little Peanuts necklace for my Bestie (and new Mom). There is a beautiful Bread & Butter(fly) Serving Board that might tickle my Sister-in-Law's fancy. Scott might want to get me the Bluetooth Tracking Tag after suffering through my many, many episodes of losing my keys in my purse. 

As an aside, I love that UncommonGoods is dedicated to featuring unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. If one is going to spend time selecting the perfect gift for their loved ones, it really should come from a company who honors the creativity and individual expression of artisans.

Looking for the perfect gift for your Mom? Check out UncommonGoods's gift lists here: 

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