Monday, April 20, 2015


Day 289 (289/366): Tired, Worn Out, Exhausted

At the end of March, I posted about doing another Whole30 and starting C25K. I was full of excitement and ready to tackle these challenges.

Unfortunately after a few runs with C25K, I started to doubt my decision. My hip started hurting so bad that I was waking up from the pain. I felt so rundown and exhausted. I stopped running and kept going to barre3 and I am feeling awesome! My hip is still a bit sore so I'm trying to stretch it and take it easy.


Whole30 was another failure. I didn't plan ahead accurately and when I don't plan ahead, I get hangry and eat what I want. I decided to have a "cheat' day even though that goes against the plan and never got back on the plan. I felt grouchy toward Whole30 which says to me that now is not the time for me to tackle another one. I want to do another one soon but right now, I'm not feeling it.


I've decided to just chill. I got myself into a state trying to accomplish too much. I get very enthusiastic about challenges and sometimes overwhelm myself. I do hope to tackle another Whole30 soon and we'll just see about the running. Maybe my running days are behind me? I might need to see my doctor about the ole hip.
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