Tuesday, April 14, 2015


We went to the park this morning. Molly ran around with her friend and Maggie did her best to keep up. She took her time warming up though. First she hung out with the mamas before deciding to emulate the big kids. 

It wasn't until we were on the slide structure that her true daredevil side came out. She took a tumble at one point, cried and then shook it off before re-tackling the stairs. She went down the twisty slide that scared Molly's friend (and rightfully so, it's tall and twisty and a wee bit scary). Once down, she toddled back to do it again. 

I love her carefree spirit even as my heart lurches in fear. I love that she giggles when I swing her too high. I'm thrilled when she tries something new out. My little daredevil. I hope she keeps adventure in her heart, for always. 
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