Thursday, April 09, 2015

On Writing and Goals

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Earlier this year, I hired a freelance writing coach. It feels a bit funny to write that because isn't that what young, lost youth do? or bored housewives? Anyway, I hired one even though I'm neither young, lost nor bored. I've been thinking about getting back into professional writing for years but I haven't done anything past writing on this blog. Kelly Clay really helped me focus my goals, gave me clear direction and pushed me in the right direction of my dreams.

We had twice monthly phone calls which started with Kelly helping me lay out my goals for freelance writing. At first I just wanted to get in the habit of writing and fitting it into my crazy, busy life. I had modest goals of having something published by the end of the year. After working on my "Work with Me" page, revamping the blog design and crafting pitch letters, I started pitching editors. I was so nervous and I didn't want to do it BUT Kelly pushed me to pitch. I honestly only sent out a few emails because I didn't want to disappoint Kelly and waste the money I spent on hiring her. I mean, wouldn't it be dumb to hire someone to help you broaden your writing and then refuse to do what she suggested?

I was thrilled when I was hired onto the Seattle Refined team of freelance writers. Without Kelly's help, I wouldn't have two published articles out there already. My goal was to have one by the end of the year and I've blown that out of the water. I have more coming down the pipeline and I'm so excited.

I'm a huge fan of Kelly Clay now and have recommended her to a few friends. She really helped me get on the right path, guided me and inspired me along the way. If you are looking for a great freelance writing coach, Kelly Clay could be perfect for you!
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