Thursday, June 24, 2004
Having a week

It's been a rough week for Supergirl. I've been failing to live up to all my superstar powers.

The concert season started up on Sunday with Jewell and then Wednesday night was Clint Black. Two concerts to work in one week make me tired along with my regular job, an awesome knitting class and Lizzy and Molly dog-sitting. I think I've taken on too much! Also I've been feeling a bit stressed since my temporary position comes to close soon and they haven't told me if I'm joining the team permanently yet they keep giving me stuff to do in the future. Grrrrrrr!

Tonight I head over to Andi's to get last minute Roux instructions and a house key. Starting on Tuesday, I'll be hanging out with Roux the dog for 6 weeks. I'm looking forward to the adventure. Also I'll be a bit closer to my friends so that will be nice. Of course, I'll be a bit further from my cat and stuff, but I'll work it out. I'm Supergirl!

Not one to forgo jumping on the bandwagon, I made my own icon this week! Destiny even got to star in it!

Well tomorrow is Friday and that is nice! This weekend I'll be participating in Flying Wheels and riding 50 miles with Julie. Stephanie is going for a 70 miler and Eric for 100 miles! Whew! We'll be tuckered out after that! I also have a baby shower to attend on Sunday along with my little brother's birthday celebration. Lots of fun going on! Now if only I can get my Supergirl powers back!
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