Monday, June 21, 2004
Knitting Strong

It was a busy weekend with little knitting BUT that will change tonight! I've signed up for a "Knit to Fit" class at Hilltop Yarn tonight and soon I'll be about to adjust patterns on a whim! Yea-haw!

I did finish my first sock last Thursday and to help avoid Second Sock Syndrome, I cast on while knitting with some super fun knitters at Third Place Books. I met the owner of a future yarn shop in Shoreline who I'll be knitting some swatches with, met some people I had heard off and got to knit with Kit! Super fun!

This weekend while not spent on knitting was spent on training and working. I ran 10 miles on Saturday (well about 7 miles were run and the last 3 walked due to HEAT!), worked at the coffee shop that evening, went to Tri Training on Sunday where we swam and ran (I ran 3 miles without wanting to stop!) and finished up by working concert security at the winery. It was a fun weekend but now I'm beat!

Now I must go and finish up my swatch for my class this afternoon. Oh and I guess I'll get back to work too :)
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