Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Knitting Soirees

On Sunday, I went to my very first Fiber Raven Soiree and I had a blast! You can tell by my picture here. I learned so much about sock knitting and as Sheila said, I might continue knitting these. It is certainly fun to show people my nearly finished creation. I'm trying to forget that once I complete this, I'll have to cast on for its mate.

I also trained on Sunday and Monday for my future races (those that are yet to be determined). On Sunday, I took a quick dip in Lake Washington where the water tempature couldn't have been over 50 degrees. Without a wet suit (I'm looking for one), I almost froze! We then did some biking hill repeats which warmed me up nicely! Last night I went for a 70 minute bike ride with some friends on the Burke Gilman trail. It was a wonderful ride and the visit to the Taco Shop afterwards made it even better!

So this week is shaping up for knitting, training and yes reading. I've been taking time to read Anna Karenina and it is such a nice break during a busy work day.

Whew! Still much to do so I'm off to do it!
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