Thursday, June 03, 2004
Sock Knitting

Almost a year ago I started making my first pair of socks. I didn't get very far and this is how I left the single sock in September of last year.

Lately I've been working on it to give me some relief from Elise. I'm about 1/2 inch from turning the heel which to be frank scares me! I am planning on attending the Fiber Raven Soiree on June 13th, so I may implore the very kind Ryan for some assistance! For now I will fain bravery and plow through. I may rip, rip but at least I will have tried my best!

My sock as of June 2004

Wish me luck on the heel! Otherwise I will implore Ryan to have some pity on my poor sockless feet!

P.S. I got the color back in my scanner!

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