Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Flush with Success

Flushed with success at completing my first sock, I joined the Six Sock Knitalong.

Now I'm wondering though if I have too many knitting projects in the works!

1) Elise -- Finished the back on Sunday (Photo coming soon!) Need to cast on for the front.

2) Weekend Sweater -- Hood completed. Started one sleeve.

3) Fall Socks -- One sock done. Second sock casted on.

4) Cloverleaf Socks -- Have yarn! Need to cast on.

5) Harry Potter Scarf -- started a year ago, languished in a box since then.

6) Top Knit Heart Baby Hat -- Cast on. Need to finish by mid-July for birth of baby.

Now those are just the active projects. I also have a ton of projects to start. i.e. I have the yarn, the pattern, the notions, I just need to start.

1) Fiona Bag

2) Debbie Bliss Cabled Sweater

3) Sitcom Chic Cardigan

4) Multi-colored scarf

Whew! Now that doesn't include the patterns I dream about or the one that is in the mail to me. Looks like I need to take my yarn and boss it around! I'll be doing that tonight as I start dog-sitting for Roux (aka Hoover).

Now I need to go and contemplate my yarn indiscretions.
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