Thursday, June 10, 2004
My Typical Day

This is a very heavy image posting! Just a warning!

I got up while dogsitting and was greeted by Lizzy!

Are you up yet?

I got up and after getting ready began my favorite commute down the 405!

First a coffee though!

Traffic, and more traffic

I’m almost there! I think!

Once at work, I checked my email and found out I had been accepted to the Marine Corp Marathon in DC on Oct. 31st. Looks like I have a lot of running in my future!

Then I had my favorite breakfast of granola and yogurt with a scoop of jam! Yum!

Next I had to deal with the boxes. We ordered 5,000 folders and they are living in my cube for the time being. Do you know how many boxes 5,000 folders fill?

Then I had to get lunch for my boss

This is the walk from my office to her favorite lunch place.

These men were a fashion mishap! What not to wear would have a heyday with them!

She likes Taco Time.

Now it was time for my lunch! Mac ‘n Cheese and a Salad.

Back to work! This is the view of my desk

Afternoon munchies – Chocolate is good! These are mini-Shrek M&Ms

Time to go home! First coffee with a friend!

Yum! That was a good Ice Grande Nonfat Chai!

More traffic on the way home!

I’m almost there!

I’m beat!

Here’s my street!

Time for dinner! Why is everything I’ve eaten today been in a bowl?

Time for Destiny to go outside!

I’m sitting outside with her eating dinner

She’s busy exploring.

I bought this frog for my Mom. He’s so cute!

Time for a bath!

Destiny thinks water is so wrong though!

All Clean!

Television watching and knitting!

Relaxing at the end of the day! Nothing better than knitting and reading to finish off a day!

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