Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Moment of Silence for the Brittany Needle, Please

I've broken a needle. I'm not sure how or why the death occurred but it did. Luckily it was a Brittany needle and a replacement is winging itself to me right now. Another lucky thing, I had 5 needles so my sock work continues. I'm at the toe shaping and I can't wait! The only thing holding me up is finding time to knit. I am going to a knitting group tomorrow though so I look to finish my sock then.

In running news, Mot and I went for a 30 minute Tempo run around Queen Anne. She dislikes running the same courses and is easily bored. So we set out without a specific course, our only mandate was that I needed to run for 30 minutes at a certain pace. We weaved and wove our way around and had a great time all the while checking out house prices and screaming in amazement. Some houses on the loop cost almost $1 million! Whew! That's a lot of yarn!

I start my Knit to Fit class at Hilltop Yarn and Needlepoint on Monday and I'm so excited. I do have some homework though. I need do a gauge swatch for my chosen pattern in my chosen yarn. That means I need to decide on a pattern and then make the swatch. I have a two patterns in mind so I may do two swatches and see which one they think I should use in-class.

Hmmm much to consider...

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