Friday, February 10, 2006
Another one knits the dust...

Last night I settled in for watching my brother's dogs and some television time. I thought Grey's Anatomy was on but it was really only a re-run so instead I watched some CSI and knitted my 6th Dulaan item, which means I am 42% done!

Once complete, Phoenix agreed to model it for me this morning. Actually I trapped him, tied the hat on his head and forced him to smile for photos. Doesn't he look like he loves me a WHOLE lot?

Here is the hat without an animal model showing off it's lovely braided ties and cozy ear covers. Some kid is going to be warm in this hat!

Blah! I just saw a comment from a "John" about how he doesn't think Supergirl would knit and how boring a knitting blog is. Seems like "John" is a mean, boring person who doesn't know that everyone has joys and passions in life. Too bad he couldn't just pass on by the blog but felt to need to spread his misery around by leaving a comment.
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