Saturday, February 11, 2006
Artist's Way Week Five

Weekly Check-In:

1. Morning Pages: I did my morning pages 6 out of 7 days. One of the days was only one page though so I'm not sure if it should count but I will anyway. I struggled to write these this week and ended up getting them done more in the evening than in the morning. It is nice to get them done right away but I do need to get to work on time more than I need to get these pages done so at times they suffer.

2. Artist Date: I went to Barnes & Noble last night and roamed among the stacks. I wrote down some book titles I want to request from the library. I had a nice time roaming the store and watching others making their book selections. There were families reading children's novels, old men browsing technical handbooks and young girls giggling in the magazine area.

3. Synchronicity: There were moments of synchronicity. Moments abounded. I ask the universe for things and the universe presents the opportunities to me in many fashions.

4. Wishing: There is so much that I wish for and so much that I already have. I wish and then I realize that I already have much more than others. I try to remember that enjoying what you have is very important, almost as important as dreaming and wishing.
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