Thursday, February 16, 2006
Radio Silence

I've been quiet this week and not because of a conscious decision. In fact, it's more due to the fact that I've been working on a really cute project and I know that the giftee reads this blog. I'd hate to ruin the surprise so I haven't had much to say.

BUT tonight I went to a reading by Maria Dahvana Headley who wrote, "The Year of Yes". Maria was amazing to listen to and her reading was hysterical! I'm most certainly adding this book to my reading list. After listening to Maria and telling a friend about a friend who meets people whereever she goes, I decided to talk to the gentleman sitting next to me. He was reading the book and so I used that as my chat up line. I asked him how he liked the book and then worked my way in to asking about him. All was going well and while I knew there wasn't a connection, I still liked that I was taking the chance to just talk to anyone! So in mid-word, another woman swoops in and takes over the attention of this man. He seemed confused and appeared to know the woman, though it did seem that he hadn't seen her in a long time. He stuttered over her name and I took this as my cue to disappear. The BEST part was my friend's face since we both didn't know what to make of this woman and her rude interruption. In fact, I think Kate might still be asking, "What happened back there?" Mot just laughed and said that I have yet another story while shaking her head.

I'm chalking this down as a cocktail party story!
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