Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Bowing to Karma

I've been working very hard lately to get into Karma's good graces and this morning I was left wondering what I had done to piss Karma off! (not this Karma, more like the celestrial Karma)

So anyway, I arrived at work after an especially long commute and got out of my car. As I leaned back in to retrieve my bag, two cars came by, hitting the puddle near my car, practically covering me in puddle water. I decided to remain positive and stalked to towards the elevator. As I opened the lobby door and turned to the elevator, I noticed a large sign indicating that the elevator was BROKEN! I next huffed and puffed up 6 flights of stairs and arrived at my desk out of breath.

I took a moment and collected myself all the way asking Karma to take it easy on me for the rest of the day. Luckily she listened to me and so far the day is turning out well. I'm still not sure what I did this morning to tick off Karma though.

**Edited to add The Offending Puddle**
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