Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Lack of Reading

I do not like this reading restriction, I do not like it in a boat, I do not like it in a moat. I do not like it, Sam I am. I do not like the reading restriction.

I'm not doing so well with the reading restriction right now. I haven't caved but I do find myself caressing books and dreaming about them. This is a hard challenge for me. I feel a bit like a smoker who is trying to quit. It seems that reading is part of EVERYTHING I do and saying that I can't read is quite mean! I know that there is a reason behind the "No Reading" rule but I'm feeling a bit irrational about it at this moment.

Mot has become my "No Reading" taskmaster. Last night she asked me how it was going and then she asked if I had replaced reading with watching television. Next she pulled a "Rebecca" on me and proceeded to suggest a million different things I could be doing instead of watching television. I swear, that Rebecca is too energetic and too full of ideas for me!

I'm dreaming of my extended Artist's Date and I'm thinking of visiting Bainbridge Island. Originally I thought of Vancouver but I think I'd rather have someone come along with me. Bainbridge would be more ideal. There is the ferry ride, the bakery, the yarn shop, Bad Blanche's and so much to see and do. This time I think I'll take a car though so I can drive to the other side of the island and see what it has to show me.

This week's Artist Date is scheduled for Friday Thursday night. I'll reveal the details once the date is over.
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